“Biodanza came out of a desire to be reborn from our broken gestures and our empty sterile structure of expression. It became a way to share together what was marvellous.”

Rolando Toro, Creator of Biodanza.


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Biodanza Malta

What is Biodanza?

A heightened State of Being

Through the group dynamic and energy created in the class we learn to expand our sense of humanity. You lean how to integrate into a group and bond on a level of friendship and affection. Your  humanity and your capacity to love and receive love grows.

It can also be seen as meditation in movement. You are brought fully into the present moment, and the happiness that that brings. It is an awareness of the flow of energies and pleasurable sensations through your body, through the movement, through your connection with the music and your connection with others, in the dance. It can lead to a heightened state of being. It is no small thing to have the opportunity to do Biodanza. It is a rare gift on this planet.

Anyone Can Do It

Everyone can do Biodanza. We dance in  1’s, 2’s and 3’s but in such an easy way that anyone can do it. You don’t need to know how to dance. In fact there are no steps to learn, it’s that easy. Many dance methods focus on the individual, but Biodanza takes it’s focus further to the group dynamic, the group experience. Gradually, through connecting with others effortlessly and easily there is a whole new dimension of experience to be explored. Feelings of isolation and loneliness dissolve. You are no longer separate. You are connected with everyone, and you are accepted and loved for just being ‘you’.