“Biodanza came out of a desire to be reborn from our broken gestures and our empty sterile structure of expression. It became a way to share together what was marvellous.”

Rolando Toro, Creator of Biodanza.


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Biodanza Malta

Videos Explaining Biodanza

An Introduction to Biodanza.

A More Advanced, In Depth Explanation of Biodanza

The video above is an introduction to Biodanza. It comes from the San Francisco School of Biodanza in the USA.

The video above was created by the Biodanza : Heart in Motion teacher De’an Matuka. In places it explains the more advanced levels of Biodanza. It is a great example of some of the depths of experience in Biodanza. It does contain some exercises that you would normally do in an advanced class. As a beginner you would not be invited to do some of these exercises until you are comfortable and ready. Also De’an has his own unique style of teaching and there are a number of exercises in the video that would not happen in a standard Biodanza class, they are unique to his classes.